9 Hotels Near Algonquin Park and Other Places to Stay

Find the best place to stay and take advantage of the perks that different hotels near Algonquin Park have to offer.

If you’re looking for hotels or motels near Algonquin Park, you’ve come to the right place! 

Algonquin Park is one of the most famous Canadian destinations in the world and offers accommodation options for all kinds of travelers. 

From luxury resorts to hotels, motels and glamping getaways, you can find the perfect doorstep to the wilderness of Algonquin. 

Below are 9 different hotels near Algonquin Park, plus some other places to stay, categorized by their location, price, and the type of experience they offer. 

We’ve also called out any perks each hotel provides from free Algonquin Park day passes to pet friendly rooms and all-inclusive meals. 

Read on to find where to stay in Algonquin Park and begin planning your next trip today!

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Budget Friendly Hotels Near Algonquin Park

You don’t need to rough it to get close to one of Ontario’s oldest and largest parks – Algonquin Park. 

Nature seekers young and old, experienced and new, can all hear the call of a loon, see a stunning moose and take in the sparkling lakes of Algonquin, just minutes from their hotel doorstep. 

Explore these budget friendly and strategically located hotels near Algonquin Park.

Algonquin Dream Catcher Motel

Location, location, location! If you’re looking for the closest hotel near Algonquin Park, then look no further than the Dream Catcher Motel, located just minutes from the East Gate.

The Dream Catcher Motel is perfect for families, couples or solo travelers looking for a clean, comfortable and budget friendly place to stay while exploring the vast wilderness and natural wonders of Algonquin Park. 

Just down the road from popular trails like the Logging Museum Trail, and canoe trip adventures taken on Lake Opeongo, the Dream Catcher Motel is perfectly positioned for convenience and access to unforgettable experiences in Algonquin Park. 

Extra perks: When you book at the Dream Catcher Motel your stay comes with a FREE Algonquin Park day pass and FREE equipment rentals. Plus pet friendly rooms are available.

Algonquin East Gate Motel

Conveniently located just minutes from Algonquin Park’s East Gate and steps from the village of Whitney, the East Gate Motel is a budget friendly reimagined motel offering all the amenities you need when it comes to roadside lodging. 

If you’re looking for places to canoe or cross-country ski in the winter, the East Gate Motel is close to nearby attractions including:

Extra perks: Staying at the East Gate Motel comes with a complimentary Algonquin Park day pass and FREE equipment rentals.  Plus pet friendly rooms are available.

Find the perfect room for your stay, including accessible options.

Rolling Rapids Motel

If you’re hoping to balance adventure with relaxation while on a budget, the Rolling Rapids Motel offers a stunning view of the Madawaska River, and is located in downtown Whitney. 

Just minutes from a relaxing beach, restaurants, and Algonquin Park’s East Gate, Rolling Rapids Motel offers nature seekers and travelers looking to unwind the best doorstep to an Algonquin Park getaway. 

Enjoy a star filled sky and listen to the rapids while relaxing at a cozy campfire at the on-site firepits. 

Extra perks: Take advantage of the FREE Algonquin Park day pass and FREE equipment rentals when staying at the Rolling Rapids Motel.  Plus pet friendly rooms are available.

Check room availability and book your Algonquin Park getaway today.

Bellwood Inn

Enjoy a quiet and warm country welcome at the historic family Bellwood Inn tucked into the bellwood forest just next to the town of Whitney. 

If you’re hoping to balance the amenities of a hotel near Algonquin Park, with the charm of a lodge in the woods, Bellwood Inn offers both at reasonable rates for all types of hikers, leaf-peepers and wildlife dabblers and enthusiasts. 

Sit back and relax on the covered porch, take a bike ride down a beautiful trail and unwind back at your room in your private en-suite jacuzzi bathroom. 

Extra perks: All guests at Bellwood Inn enjoy a complimentary Algonquin Park day pass and FREE equipment rentals. 

Learn more about this historic inn and check room availability to plan your trip.

Comfort Inn

If you’re hoping for a place to stay near Algonquin Park on the opposite end of highway 60 – close to the West Gate – consider the Comfort Inn located in Huntsville. 

Just a 30 minute drive away from Algonquin Park’s West Gate, the Comfort Inn provides travelers the convenience of a hotel, plus access to shopping, restaurants and a short drive to the West Gate. 

Extra perks: Your stay comes with a free hot breakfast and pet friendly rooms are available. 

View room prices and check availability.

Arowhon Pines

Located deeper into Algonquin Park, off Little Joe Lake, Arowhon Pines is an all-inclusive resort providing romantic getaways, family trips and a place to host celebrations. 

Three meals per day are included with your stay in their luxurious and rustic cabins. Arowhon prioritizes a quiet and tranquil experience, meaning that there are no televisions, telephones or radios in rooms. There are limited accommodations for families with children and these families are expected to keep noise levels at a minimum. 

Extra perks: Use of all their recreational facilities including canoeing, kayaking, hiking trains and tennis courts is included along with a complimentary Algonquin Park day pass. 

Explore their resort offering today.

Killarney Lodge

On the shores of Lake of Two Rivers, in the middle of Algonquin Park, Killarney Lodge provides an all-inclusive peaceful and private experience. 

Being on the edge of the water, one of the top reasons guests stay at Killarney Lodge is for everything the lake has to offer – private canoeing, swimming, kayaking and views from your personal dock. 

Their rates include dinner, breakfast and lunch, and be sure to check the minimum length of stay requirements.

Couples Resort

Located just outside of the East gate of Algonquin Park in Whitney is the well-known Couples Resort – a 5-star luxury resort and spa just for – you guessed it – couples. 

Situated along the shores of Galeairy Lake, Couples Resort offers all-inclusive, 1st class gourmet dining with access to their spa, private hot tubs, wood burning fireplaces and more romantic amenities. 

Learn more about their spa treatments, and all-season itinerary.

Luxury and Resort Hotels Near Algonquin Park

If you’re heading to Algonquin for some R&R there are plenty of resorts and all-inclusive accommodations perfect for travelers looking to splurge a little and enjoy the comforts that come with a more luxurious experience . 

Learn more about four of the most popular resort hotels near Algonquin Park and the different experiences each has to offer.

Bartlett Lodge

Choose from cabin and cottage rooms, platform tents and studio suites.  Check availability and learn more about all Bartlett Lodge has to offer.

Located just off highway 60 in the heart of Algonquin Park on the lake made famous by Tom Thomson, Bartlett Lodge at Cache lake offers an elevated yet rustic experience, just steps from the famous trails of Algonquin. 

Known for their fine dining experiences travelers to Algonquin park can enjoy a water taxi to dining table service, where you’ll be dropped off at a shoreline dock for a casual but elegant dining service. 

Tip: If you’re looking to save on your vacation costs, staying at a budget friendly hotel near Algonquin like the Dream Catcher Motel, while dining at Bartlett Lodge is a great way to “have it all.” 

Other Places to Stay near Algonquin Park

If you don’t need a doorstep between you and the Algonquin wilderness, Algonquin is home to some of the best glamping and camping experiences Canada has to offer. 

Explore these two places to stay near Algonquin where you can sleep directly under the stars and get close to everything nature has to offer.

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Four Corners Algonquin is a 90-acre, off-grid, dark-sky-friendly and accessible campground on Hwy 60 located just minutes from Algonquin Park’s East Gate. 

Known for their bubble tent experiences, Four Corners Algonquin provides a range of tent experiences including:

  • Safari Tents
  • Pole Tents
  • Bell Tents
  • Bubble Tents
  • Tiny Homes

Extra perks: No equipment? No problem! Four Corners Algonquin offers all the camping equipment you need at reasonable rental rates, while including an Algonquin Park day pass and firewood for free!

Camping in Algonquin Provincial Park

Classic camping in Algonquin Park remains one of the most popular ways to explore the park – so much so – it can be challenging to reserve a site if you aren’t quick to book. 

Camping in Algonquin is grouped into two experiences:

  • Highway camping 
  • Backcountry camping

If you have the equipment and are ready to find the perfect site, learn more about Algonquin Park’s campgrounds, cabins, RV camping and paddle-in sites.

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Algonquin Wilderness Campground

Are you prepared for an unforgettable camping adventure near Algonquin Park? Introducing the Wilderness Campground, a refreshing and innovative approach to experiencing the great outdoors adjacent to Algonquin Park. Tucked away between the majestic Algonquin Provincial Park and the charming town of Whitney, the Wilderness Campground is a serene, pristine, and secluded haven that promises an intimate connection with nature.

Launched in 2023, our campground is currently in its pioneering phase, inviting adventurous campers to join us in what we like to call “beta mode.” This exclusive chance allows you to be among the inaugural visitors to discover our nascent site and significantly influence its development with your insightful feedback. Although we are in the midst of enhancing the campground, we are committed to improving every facet of your camping journey. Embark on an adventure filled with promise and participate in crafting the future of the region’s latest gem!

Take advantage of special benefits such as our complimentary guest rental service, accumulate rewards points for complimentary stays, and receive a FREE Algonquin Park Day Pass.

Dive into the beauty of Wilderness Campground with our initial offering of 15 campsites and start scheduling your visit to embark on an extraordinary expedition.

For the ultimate Algonquin Park experience, join our mailing list or stay connected with us on social media. We’ve got the top tips, tricks, and exclusive deals to make your trip truly unforgettable!

For a different kind of look at Algonquin Provincial Park check out www.algonquinpark.net

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