Your Digital Trail Guide

Algonquin Hiking Trails

We’re proud to present one of the most comprehensive, media rich trail maps available of Algonquin Park’s vast trail system. Use this map to: Plan your daily hiking routes; Understand the difficulty of different terrain; Explore the lookouts and highlights of each hike; and have fun viewing all that beautiful Algonquin Park has to offer from your own home!

Easy Trails

This loop trail and exhibits summarizes the logging history of the Algonquin area. On the easy-to-walk 1.3km trail, a recreated camboose camp and a fascinating steam-powered amphibious tug called an “alligator” are among the many exhibits on display.

Spruce Bog Boardwalk contains several boardwalk sections in this 1.5 km loop trail that give you an excellent close-up look of two typical northern spruce bogs. The guide discusses their ecology.

Moderate Trails

Hardwood Lookout Trail is a 1 kilometre loop trail introducing you to the ecology of a typical Algonquin hardwood forest and culminates in a fine view of Smoke Lake and the surrounding hills.

Beaver Pond Trail is a 2.0km loop trail that yields excellent views of two beaver ponds while the guide provides an introduction to Algonquin’s fascinating beaver pond ecology.

Whiskey Rapids Trail is a 2.1 km loop trail leads along the Oxtongue River to scenic Whiskey Rapids. The trail guide discusses the ecology and history of an Algonquin river.

This trail often floods during times of high water in the Oxtongue River such as during spring melt and just after periods of extended heavy rain. A gate at Highway 60 and the trailhead parking lot will be closed and locked during unsafe conditions. Check Algonquin Park Current Advisories to see if this trail is currently closed.

Two Rivers Trail is a 2.3 km loop trail includes an easy ascent to a pine-clad cliff, and introduces the importance of change in the natural forest of Algonquin.

Peck Lake Trail is a 2.3 km loop trail goes completely around the shoreline of Peck Lake. The guide explores the ecology of a typical Algonquin lake.

Big Pines Trail is a 2.9 km long, fairly level loop trail that visits spectacularly large, old growth White Pine and the remains of an 1880s logging camp. The guide discusses pine ecology and Park logging history.

Hemlock Bluff Trail is a 3.5 km loop trail leads through mixed forest to an impressive view of Jack Lake. The guide presents results of research in Algonquin.

Bat Lake is a 5.8 km loop trail that introduces you to basic Algonquin Park ecology while visiting a beautiful hemlock stand, a fine lookout, and acidic Bat Lake.

Mizzy Lake Trail is an 10.8 km trail that requires an early start and a full day to do properly. It visits nine ponds and small lakes and affords some of the best chances to see wildlife in the Park. No dogs (pets) are permitted on this trail.

Difficult Trails

Lookout Trail is a 2.1 km loop trail that is fairly steep and rugged, but rewards the hiker with a magnificent view of several hundred square kilometres of Algonquin. This guide discusses the geology of the Park.

Booth’s Rock Trail is a 5.1 km loop trail that visits two lakes and a spectacular lookout, returning via an abandoned railway. The guide discusses man’s impact on the Park.

Track and Tower Trail is a 7.5 km loop featuring a spectacular lookout over Cache Lake, this trail introduces you to some fascinating history.

Centennial Ridges Trail is a very demanding 10.4 km loop trail that affords spectacular viewing along two high ridges. The guide discusses contributions of selected people to the Park over its first century.

Interactive Trail Map

Click on a pin to see an image along each marked trail in Algonquin Park.

Thank you to Algonquin Provincial Park’s Interpretive Walking Trails for much of this information.