Discover serenity: Your girls getaway weekend itinerary in rural Ontario

Unwind with our ultimate girls getaway weekend itinerary in rural Ontario, perfect for relaxation and bonding

Who hasn’t daydreamed of a girls’ getaway weekend, a brief respite from the whirlwind of daily responsibilities and stresses?

From the crack of dawn commutes to the relentless demands of work, the chaotic juggling act of school runs and extracurricular activities, and the endless cycle of meal planning, preparation, and cleanup—our lives are a tapestry woven with myriad obligations. Amidst it all, we find moments of joy and fulfilment, but there comes a time when the call for escape grows irresistible.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and what better way to reignite our passion for life than by momentarily stepping away from the chaos? Picture it: a tranquil retreat amidst the serene landscapes of rural Ontario, where time seems to slow and worries fade into the gentle rustle of wind-blown leaves.

In the embrace of nature’s embrace, amidst rolling hills and verdant fields, we rediscover the simple pleasures of companionship, laughter, and shared experiences. The scent of wildflowers mingles with the earthy aroma of freshly turned soil, while the distant murmur of streams offers a soothing soundtrack to our escape.

So why wait? Let’s hit pause on the hustle and bustle, and embark on a journey into the heart of rural Ontario. Join us as we explore the hidden gems and secret havens that await, where every moment promises adventure and discovery.

We’ve crafted an itinerary tailored to your desire for relaxation, exploration, and connection—a tantalising glimpse into the possibilities of a weekend spent amidst the tranquil beauty of the countryside.

Pack your bags, gather your closest companions, and prepare to immerse yourself in the peaceful bliss of rural Ontario.

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Table of Contents

Girls getaway weekend ideas - who are girls weekend getaways for?

Who wouldn’t enjoy a weekend away from the daily grind, the hustle and bustle of daily life? Girls’ getaway weekends are for any gal looking for a chance to hit pause on the usual and do something for herself and a group of friends or female relatives! 

  • Connecting with friends. Whether you’re making new friends as an adult, or trying to connect with friends from childhood or high school, a girls getaway weekend is a great time for reconnecting and bonding. Grab a group of girls you’re friends with – or want to be friends with – and plan a great adventure for the group!

  • Bonding with family. Pick up your mom and grandma, aunts and cousins, sisters or daughters, and bring them to South Algonquin for a peaceful weekend where you can visit and bond as your own little matriarchy. A family reunion for just the girls!

  • Mother’s Day gift ideas. Your girls getaway weekend could be a group event for moms, or a just for two Whether it’s you and a friend or you and your spouse, this trip is all about treating a special lady in your life to a nice weekend where she’s the centre of attention. Consider a girls getaway weekend as a Mother’s Day gift idea for yourself or for someone special this year. You can even purchase a gift card to Algonquin Accommodations for an extra-special gift that’ll help the mom in your life get away for a while! 

Girls weekend getaway near me in South Algonquin, Ontario

You’re excited about getting away – but where are you heading? Let us tell you more about the destination before we dive into the itinerary.

Our Algonquin Accommodations properties are located throughout the township of South Algonquin, which is located immediately south of Algonquin Provincial Park.

Girls weekend getaways are a great gift idea for the ladies in your life – yourself included if your browsing for yourself and a group of friends.

The great thing about South Algonquin is that you’re off the beaten path, but you’re still within 4 hours of any major Ontario city in the surrounding areas! Talk about accessible.

Your arrival time may vary if there are obstructions on the road or if road conditions are poor. On a clear-weather, no-traffic day, you may arrive earlier than you expect to. Don’t forget to check out when rush hour is before you head out to avoid traffic congestion!

  • Travelling north from Toronto, the trip to South Algonquin should take about 3 to 3.5 hours, depending on traffic and weather conditions.
  • Travelling west from Ottawa, the trip should take about 3 hours, depending on traffic and weather conditions.
  • Travelling south-east from North Bay, the trip should take about 3 to 3.5 hours, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

Local amenities in South Algonquin

You’re probably wondering what’s available in terms of local amenities. Don’t worry – Whitney, Ontario has got you covered!

Whitney is home to both an LCBO and the Freshmart grocery store. If you forgot to stock up on drinks and snacks before you set off for South Algonquin, you can buy what you need here – and replenish your stock if you run out during your weekend getaway!

Need more supplies? There are other shops in the area. If you’re travelling toward Madawaska, you can stop in at the Madawaska Country Store, which comes complete with both an LCBO and convenience store for any of the basic needs you forgot to pack.

Filling up on gas is easy, too – check out the Algonquin Lunch Bar & Gas Station if you need a quick and tasty meal while you fill up the vehicle for all the day trips you plan to make during your visit!

Bonus: FREE day pass to Algonquin Provincial Park included

image When you stay at an Algonquin Accommodations location, a FREE Algonquin Park Day Pass is included with your stay. If you’re looking for something else to do during your girls getaway weekend, why not take a complimentary trip into the Park without needing to buy a permit for the day?

Don’t forget to reserve your day pass in advance of your trip, and pick it up when you check in at your accommodation!

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Day One: Arrive and Relax in Nature

Welcome to rural Ontario! While you travel along the Algonquin Highway 60 corridor , you’ll notice the abundance of trees, the beautiful colours of the season, and the peaceful nature of this quaint and cozy township.

Welcome to South Algonquin

Arrive at the Algonquin Accommodations retreat location you booked and get check in before you get settled in your room.

After you’ve finished getting unpacked and refreshed, stretch your legs in the exquisite scenery of South Algonquin. Nature is right beyond your front door in any Algonquin Accommodations location!

Refresh in the great outdoors

Many of our visitors travel to South Algonquin to take advantage of the numerous and beautiful hiking trails scattered throughout the area.

If you’re looking for some activity after your drive, you should explore one of the many gorgeous hiking trails that are easy to access along the Highway 60 corridor!

Some of our personal favourites are the Beaver Pond Trail, or the Logging Museum Trail, which combines exercise with education as you learn about the logging history of the area and interact with museum-like elements along the path. Looking for something a little longer? Try out the newly renovated Old Rail Trail!

Supper time!

For dinner, you can take your pick of the delicious local restaurants in the area. For comfort and taste, you should visit the Mad Musher, which is one of our favourite places to visit.

If you’re looking for scenery as well as flavour, consider the Lake of Two Rivers – and keep this spot in mind when you’re looking for a spot of tea during your day trips!

Time to relax

When you’re finished exploring and enjoying a meal, you’ll be feeling ready to return to your room for some rest and relaxation!

Looking for a night in? Pull out that bottle of wine that you picked up from the LCBO and a good book – or settle down with soft drinks and snacks around the table with a deck of cards with your nearest and dearest.

Take a look at the stars. Algonquin Park is one of the best areas to see the night sky. Don’t miss the chance to poke your head outside once it’s dark and take in those sultry views of a night sky unimpeded by city light pollution. (Weather permitting, of course).

Camp Fire:

Also Read: Get your guide to the night sky and the best times to see astrological events in Ontario.

Day Two: Adventure and Culture Exploration

Good morning, sunshine!

Head out for a delicious breakfast to start your day off right. You could stop by Erika’s Bakery in Dwight to get delicious baked goods, light lunch, tea or coffee, and browse at a local gift shop while you’re there!

If you want something a little heavier before a day of adventure, you should visit the Mad Musher, or the Lake of Two Rivers!

Plan your day: The relaxed options

You could also spend the day in comfort, browsing local shops and taking in indoor attractions – like Manwah Tay, a local gift shop located right in Whitney, Ontario.

Check out the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre – home to information, a theatre with educational videos, an Observation Deck where you can see the vast beauty of Algonquin Park, a cafe, a museum, a bookstore, and a small art gallery! Truly, you can’t go wrong when you make a stop at the Algonquin Visitor Centre.

The Algonquin Visitor Centre is also host to various special events and exhibits throughout the year. Take a good look at the events calendar before your trip to see what’s happening while you’re in town!

If you really love art, there are other options for you! Check out the Algonquin Art Centre, home to gorgeous paintings and photos generated by local talent and lovers of Algonquin Park. Did you know Algonquin Park has been a thrall to artists for years? Tom Thomson of the Group of Seven was particularly well-known for his love of the area.

Can’t get enough of the local culture? You’ve got to stop by the Township of Algonquin Park Public Library, which has two branches – one in Whitney, and one in Madawaska. The library plays host to author events and bookish fun year-round. Well-known authors like Adam Shoalts have been known to stop by for scheduled events from time to time, so don’t forget to check what’s happening at the library during your visit!

Pro tip: Love books? If you’re ever looking for a great spot for a book club getaway or a writer’s retreat.

Plan your day: The active options

There is so much to do and see in nature around South Algonquin that you could fill entire days with physical activity and trips into nature.

There are dozens of trails off the Highway 60 corridor and in Algonquin Park. A quick drive around will show you all sorts of trailheads that you can explore, or you can seek out a few of our favourites.

The Fire Tower Trail is accessible from the Algonquin Visitor Centre, so you could stop by the Centre and then head off on the trails if you want to mix comfort and exercise during your girls getaway weekend.

This weekend retreat is for you! Fill it up with whatever activities you like!

Side quests and extra adventures

Did you know, there are some hidden gems in South Algonquin and the surrounding areas that you might want to explore while you’re in the neighbourhood!

Grumblin Granny’s in Barry’s Bay (just 30 minutes from Whitney, Ontario) also has two different locations for your browsing pleasure and offers an eclectic assortment of clothing, home decor, outdoor decorations, and miscellaneous items that you’ll enjoy seeing and owning for yourself.

Looking for a spa trip? While you’re in Barry’s Bay, make plans in advance to visit Eve’s Escape Spa and Wellness Centre! Eve’s offers a range of spa and wellness features, including massage, warm stones, makeup services and more. On Saturdays, the spa opens by appointment only for makeup, massage therapy, and day spas. You must book for your party in advance to ensure space is available and to avoid disappointment.

Women hiking with their pet dogs
Galeairy Lake beach

Your evening plans

When you’re ready to retire for the day, make sure to swing by the Mad Musher for your supper before you settle down for bed…

Or, hang on… maybe you were thinking that you could stay up a little later tonight? No problem! Camp Bongopix has you covered. This tavern is your go-to place for live music in the evening if you’re looking to get a little rowdy before heading to bed tonight. Check the tavern’s hours and live music schedule beforehand to make sure they’re open for the season.

Psst: You should consider booking a stay during Blackfly Festival this year – get tickets here and plan your girls getaway weekend to Algonquin Accommodations for festival time!

Day Three: Last minute joys and farewells

Has your girls getaway weekend come to an end already?! Time sure flies when you’re having a great time. Don’t forget to stop by one of your new favourite restaurants for breakfast and a tea or coffee for the road.

You’ve got time for one more hike! Why not stop for a quick and refreshing stretch at the Bruce Bog Boardwalk Trail to get your blood flowing before you climb back into the car to head home?

You might be hungry again by the time that’s done – so stop by the Algonquin Lunch Bar & Gas Station to fill up your tank and for a bite to eat! Not hungry yet? Grab something to go so you have something to feast on during the ride home!

And never fear – South Algonquin will be waiting to welcome you back for future girls weekend getaways!

How to book your girls getaway weekend

It can be hard to pick a place to stay – there are so many great options available! If you’ve been tasked with planning your girls getaway weekend, we’ll try to make this easier for you.

Once you’ve done that, all you need to do now is… book it! Your girls getaway weekend is literally just a click away – book it now.

For the ultimate Algonquin Park experience, join our mailing list or stay connected with us on social media. We’ve got the top tips, tricks, and exclusive deals to make your trip truly unforgettable!

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