Algonquin Park Day Pass: Your Access to World Famous Wilderness

If you’re planning to visit Algonquin Park, chances are you’re interested in exploring the world famous interpretive trails, sparkling waterways or untouched backcountry – which means you’ll need to book a Day Pass

Accessing an Algonquin Park Day Pass is straightforward, but it’s important to book your pass in advance, and to know you can get one for FREE when you stay at one of Algonquin Accommodations five properties

It’s also important to know that cell phone service can be limited in the park, so we’ve created this user-friendly guide to help you book your Algonquin Park Day Pass in advance, and learn more about what adventures the park has to offer!

In this article, find the answers to these questions and more: 

  1. Do you need a Day Pass to explore Algonquin Park?
  2. What does the Algonquin Park Day Pass give you access to? 
  3. How much is a Day Pass to Algonquin Park? 
  4. How do you get an Algonquin Park Day Pass? 
  5. Do the Algonquin Park Day Passes ever sell out?

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Do you need a Day Pass to explore Algonquin Park?

Unless you’re staying somewhere within Algonquin Park and already have a permit, you will need a Day Pass to access the park’s trails and amenities. 

You can access a Day Pass vehicle permit by reserving your Day Pass early online, OR you can book your stay through Algonquin Accommodations and have a FREE Day Pass included in your stay.

You can buy your permit online up to 5 days in advance of your visit.

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What does the Algonquin Park Day Pass give you access to?

With your Algonquin Park Day Pass, you have access to all of the programs, trails and amenities that Algonquin Park has to offer. 

Here are some of the things you will need a Day Pass to use: 

Algonquin Park also hosts various events throughout the year, including the world famous Wolf Howl nights. These change regularly, so you can double check what you might be interested in during the days of your visit on their Events Calendar

When you book a stay with Algonquin Accommodations, you have access to a complimentary Algonquin Park Day Pass as a part of your stay. Check the events calendar before your stay so that you know what’s available during your trip!

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How much is a Day Pass for Algonquin Park

The current cost of an Algonquin Park Day Pass is $21.00 per vehicle, per day.

The fees for Day Passes at Algonquin Park – also known as “day use vehicle permits” on the Algonquin Park website – are available on the park’s website. 

Here’s a snapshot of the 2023 day use vehicle permit fees:


  1. Daily Vehicle Permit along Highway 60
  2. All other locations
  3. Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans (residing in Ontario, weekdays only)


  1. $21.00*/vehicle/day
  2. $18.00*/vehicle/day
  3. FREE
  • Prices include applicable taxes (13% HST).
  • *Ontario Parks discounts camping and day use fees for Ontario residents 65 and older and for Ontario residents with a disability who have a CNIB identity card or an MTO disabled person’s parking permit. Ontario Senior rates have been discounted by 20%, rates for Ontario persons with disabilities by 50%.
  • Permit sales are subject to Ontario Park’s capacity limits.
  • Fees are subject to change by Ontario Parks.

If you plan to visit Algonquin Park multiple times, or if you hope to visit the park on more than just one day, then a Seasonal Day Use Permit may be more financially beneficial to you. 

Seasonal Day Use Permits allow you to visit the park for an unlimited number of days between the hours of 7:00 and 10:00 PM. You still need to pre-register online for which days and which park(s) you plan to use the seasonal permit. Algonquin limits the number of entries during peak times to keep everyone safe.

Ariel-Shot-rolling-Rapids  Remember – if you book your stay at Algonquin Accommodations, you get your day pass for FREE! 

Added bonus: Algonquin Accommodation properties are on the doorstep to Algonquin, just minutes away from the East Gate of the park. This means quick, easy access between the wilderness of the park – and the homey comforts of your accommodations!

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How do you get an Algonquin Park Day Pass?

In order to buy your Algonquin Park Day Pass, you can register online up to five days before your travel date.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to book your Day Use Permit: 

  • Click the Register Online link
  • Click on the Day Use tab
  • Click on the All Parks tab and go to Algonquin – Hwy 60 Corridor  
  • Input the date you wish to book your permit on
  • Scroll down to select the specific date you wish to book and click “Reserve” on the right hand side 
  • Confirm the details of your booking and click “Confirm Reservation Details”

If you wish to book multiple days, you will have to repeat the process after you get confirmation of each booking date. 

Don’t forget that you can register for a Day Pass for free when you book your stay with Algonquin Accommodations! Ask us for details.

Do the Algonquin Park Day Passes ever sell-out?

Woman hiker hiking on forest trail Actually, yes – Algonquin Park Day Passes do occasionally sell out, especially in the fall! Visitors from around the world often make the trek to come see the spectacular Algonquin fall colours

Day Passes for the Highway 60 Corridor sold out over the 2022 Thanksgiving long weekend, in fact, as people came from all over Canada and the world to see the changing fall colours of Algonquin Park

You don’t need a Day Pass in order to drive along Highway 60 – but you do need a Day Pass to use any of the park facilities along the way. 

If you’re hoping to visit the park during a busy time (eg. on long weekends, through fall or summer, for an event, etc), it’s encouraged that you book your Day Passes up to five days before your date of arrival to make sure you have access to Algonquin Park.

The outside of the Inside Out Cabin at the Dream Catcher Motel If you’re looking for a stress-free, convenient and budget-friendly trip to Algonquin Park, we invite you to explore our accommodations and properties just minutes from the East Gate of Algonquin Park

When you stay at one of our locations, we include a FREE Algonquin Park Day Pass, along with free equipment rentals and other amenities to make your stay more comfortable. 

We’re also conveniently located next to the town of Whitney, where you can find dining, groceries and a great swimming beach. Whitney is located in South Algonquin, a small township that runs along the southern border of Algonquin Park from Whitney to Madawaska along Highway 60. 

South Algonquin offers accommodations and amenities just minutes away from Algonquin Park’s East Gate. One of the best hikes to check out in South Algonquin is The Old Algonquin Rail Trail. The Old Trail Trail was recently updated in 2023 to be a multi-purpose use, accessible trail. Hiking this trail is completely free and is a good hike for all ages and stages! 

Check out the shops, restaurants, and accommodations that South Algonquin has to offer on the official website of the South Algonquin Business Alliance.

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